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The quality and the sheer number of activities available to travelers visiting Mexico is almost as diverse as the landscape of the country. You should be able to find enough interesting activities to keep any member of your family or group entertained, regardless of your destination. Your destination, of course, will determine the type of activities that are locally available. Beach resorts offer entirely different options than a city in the mountains. We will try to give you a partial breakdown of what a particular areas activities might include.

The activities listed below do not take into account what many travelers consider to be activities. Enjoying the wonders to be found in Mexico's incredible museums, cultural performances of all types, attending language schools and local celebrations are considered activities by many travelers. Likewise the simple enjoyment of a cold cerveza or an frosty margarita, in an exotic setting, is considered to be a cultural activity by some travelers.

Be assured that wherever you choose to visit there are a number of options that we cannot begin to list. If you are interested in a particular activity that is not listed here contact the local tourism department when you arrive. A quick search of the Internet can also lead to many different options. First try searching by destination, if that doesn't work try adding the exact words that relate to the activity, within the destination results, on your favorite search site.

Centro Historico

Archeological Sites: Mexico is home to an extraordinary number of outstanding archeological sites that give a glimpse into this country's colorful history. Most of Mexico's major sites are easily accessed and well taken care of. Some of these sites are famous, many others are relatively unknown. New discoveries are sure to come. Many ruins lie beneath the Centro Historico section of Mexico City, and are being found regularly when they are digging to repair water pipes or laying foundations for new buildings. See our Archeological Sites section.

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