Casa La Laguna

Casa De Los Suenos, a newly constructed villa for rent on your Cabo San Lucas vacation, is a monolith of a villa. Perched on an encompassing cliff space in the Pedregal, facing the meeting point of the Sea of Cortez and the Pacific Ocean, Casa De Los Suenos provides one of the most breathtaking views to be had in all of Cabo San Lucas, a vacation destination that is known for its stunning sunset views. From the moment of arrival, the setting sun gently enshrines the meticulously designed entry space, with its lavish waterfall and entry pool, glimmering warmly, there is no doubt that you have entered one of Pedregal's soon to be acclaimed premiere villa rental destination. The owner, Mark -- , though not overly tall, brandishes confidence and power, two key elements that can be seen in the design of Los Suenos. Hailing from Napa Valley, California, Mark's villa is a truly awe inspiring yet warm and comforting addition to the truly top tier of Pedregal villas to be rented on your Cabo San Lucas vacation.

This six bedroom villa draws heavily upon Napa Valley influences yet seamlessly blends local Mexican motifs into its framework. In the great room, behind the bar, is a wine cellar that was imported directly from Napa Valley. Dark soothing reds, sturdy, grand furniture, high ceilings with chandeliers and large cross beams, and a grand fireplace and mantel bring to mind the warmth and comfort that can be found in the heart of wine country, transported now to the cliffs of Pedregal in Cabo San Lucas. It is with a keen eye and great scope that Mark has blended both themes of Napa Valley and Mexico into the design and decoration of each room. While each room draws upon such similar themes, it was of importance to Mark's craftsmanship that each room belong to itself. On the bottom level, below the infinity pool (with one of the most awe inspiring and perfect views of the Sea of Cortez and the Pacific), next to its own private second pool, is one of Mark's favorite rooms. The tiles that adorn this room contain soft pinks and reds, colors that are echoed in each of the other five rooms, but contain just a little more breadth of beauty here.

Every room contains its own character and majesty, from seclusion and privacy and its own kitchen in the guest room above the two car garage, to the outside showers, high count bed linens, beautifully crafted walk in closets, cool tiled floors, breath taking views, and easy access to the patio, there is not one room in Los Suenos that does not inspire luxury and comfort.

There is a sense of accomplishment that permeates from Mark as he shows each room, commenting on each meticulous detail, that you realize that this villa was truly designed to make you feel at home on your Cabo San Lucas vacation. Los Suenos, though still brand new, can already be seen as growing a reputation as truly one of Pedregal's most breathtaking and welcoming vacation rental villas. Mark has constructed a truly first rate villa that stands to live on and bring about a new direction in villa design in Cabo San Lucas. A weekend or a week here will have you returning with only one destination in mind when you plan your next Cabo San Lucas vacation, Casa De Los Suenos.