The Copper Canyon (Barranca del Cobre, in Spanish) is Mexico's version of the Grand Canyon and is considered by many to be even more spectacular. Copper Canyon is a giant network of six interconnected canyons, four of which are up to 1,000 feet deeper than the Grand Canyon. This area of Mexico is still considered pristine and the mass of visitors that threaten the Grand Canyon, have yet to materialize in this incredible wonder of nature. Anyone who has an appreciation of nature should make it a point to see the Copper Canyon.

This is a great "Get away from it all" destination that is a constant source of stunning scenery. The area is subject to summer rains which give the canyons a deep green color. The best way to see the canyons is definitely by train. The Chihuahua al Pacifico Railway is an engineering marvel that makes the trip a comfortable adventure. The best time to go is after the summer rains, October through January. There are a number of lodges strategically located along the route of train and most of the tours break up the ride with overnight stops along the way. Side trips and excursions further into the wilderness can be arranged at some of the six stops along the route. Local Indian crafts are available at all stops along the railroad. Always ask permission before taking photos of Indians as many believe that photos are harmful to their souls.

For a more detailed description of the Chihuahua al Pacifico train trip through the Copper Canyon see the Chihuahua section on this page. Note: We have plans to expand this section with more detail and more photos on a separate page. Keep checking back.

Copper Canyon
Copper Canyon
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