Guadalajara, Mexico's pearl of the west, is an incredibly diverse and stately city with amazing qualities, both modern and historic, that embrace all who visit. For a city that is not a resort, Guadalajara offers a very pleasant surprise to the unsuspecting tourist. Guadalajara is an ideal vacation destination for the traveler who is seeking a change of pace from the, sometimes overwhelming, resort scene.

As the second largest city in Mexico and boasting a population of over 3 million, you are constantly reminded that Guadalajara is a busy metropolis, and a major Mexican business center. Although this city beats to a busy pace, things here have a way of seeming to somehow remain serene. There are many places in Guadalajara where you will feel like you have stepped back in time to a different era.

Guadalajara is a city of monuments, parks and flowers, fountains and tree lined avenues. This is a city alive with subtle attractions that can keep the first time visitor entertained for weeks. Guadalajara's history dates to the 16th century and the rich heritage of Mexico's colonial gem is evident everywhere you look. The Guadalajara area is known as the birthplace of the world famous Mariachi bands and also as the home of the Mexican hat dance. Nearby is the town of Tequila, everyone knows or should be able to guess, what this town is famous for. The area around Guadalajara is mainly known for the Mexican craftsmen that turn out countless handmade items that are treasured the world over.

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