The nickname which has been given to Mazatlan... "Pearl of the Pacific", has nothing to do with pearls, it is simply a gracious compliment to this very friendly Pacific resort city. Mazatlan is a very interesting city and embraces tourism with a zest, but Mazatlan is more than just a resort. Mazatlan could survive just fine without tourism. The tourism industry in Mazatlan is not the most important item on this city's agenda. This translates to a more kicked back attitude toward tourism and this can be a big plus to tourists. Much of the hype and constant pressure from hotels, timeshare companies and the tourist sector in general for the tourism dollar is more sedate here. This equates to a more relaxed vacation to the average tourist.

Mazatlan is home to the Pacifico brewery, which makes one of Mexico's most popular beers. The local shrimp fleet is the largest in Mexico, there is a large commercial fishing fleet as well and Mazatlan is also home to numerous other industries. If you stay where most tourists stay, Zona Dorada, you would never know Mazatlan was such an industrious city. So Mazatlan is a little different than most resorts. Mazatlan is also a city with an incredible history.

When you visit Mazatlan, you should prepare yourself for an active vacation. Mazatlan has great beaches, many attractions, a variety of interesting historical sites and many interesting monuments spread out all over the city. Just visiting the monuments and statues could take up an entire day.

Mazatlan, Mexico
Mazatlan, Mexico
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