Mexico City is truly one of the most interesting and diverse cities in the world. Mexico City holds many pleasant surprises for those who choose to vacation here. Travelers to Mexico often overlook this city because most of the country's tourism promotion is directed toward the beach resorts.

Mexico City should be on your "Must Visit" list if you are a fan of world-class museums, archeological treasures, international cuisine, incredible shopping experiences, stately mansions, colonial neighborhoods, dazzling nightlife, inviting plazas and gardens or great city parks. The National Museum of Anthropology is one on the world's great museums, and could easily occupy a short vacation all by itself.

Don't let the sheer size of Mexico City scare you, most tourists will most likely confine their visits to three or four well defined areas of the city and maybe some easy side trips. Depending on where you stay, many attractions will be just a short distance away and those that are not so close can be reached fairly easily. A great way to get a feeling for this city is to enjoy drinks or dinner from the 45th floor of the World Trade Center. Bellini is a revolving restaurant that offers stunning views of the whole city. If possible, get settled in before sunset, sit back and enjoy!

Mexico City
Mexico City
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