Oaxaca is a city that is truly blessed. Blessed with a climate that is like an eternal springtime, blessed with friendly residents that take great pride in their beautiful city. Oaxaca is blessed with a creative, artistic atmosphere that sets the city apart from any other city in Mexico. The quality of life in Oaxaca just seems to be on a level above a lot of the other cities of southern Mexico. It has been said that you haven't really seen Mexico, until you have visited Oaxaca. The Oaxaca area is known throughout the world for it's, locally made, arts and crafts. With over 500,000 artists in the valley of Oaxaca it is no small wonder this area is so famous.

The rich history of the Oaxaca valley, which dates to around 1000 B.C., is revealed in the beauty and variety of the areas many archaeological sites. There is enough history in the ruins among the hills and valleys around Oaxaca to keep even the most dedicated archaeologist busy for life, this translates into an incredible visual and cultural experience, which is easily available to any Oaxaca visitor. The Monte Alban ruins are but one of the "must see" archaeological sites that surround Oaxaca.

Many people don't even think of beaches when Oaxaca comes to mind, but the incredible beaches of Oaxaca's coast, although 100+ miles distant, are some of Mexico's finest. It is really easy to combine the cultural experience that Oaxaca offers with the resort scene of Huatulco or the more relaxed settings of Puerto Angel, Manzunte and Puerto Escondido.

Oaxaca, Mexico
Oaxaca, Mexico
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