You have heard of sleepy fishing villages, well Playa Manzunte is one that is definitely snoring. Sleepy is really a great description for this tiny fishing village, located just ten miles form Puerto Angel on a fairly decent paved road. Manzunte, for our purposes, actually consists of the two separate beaches of Agustinillo and Manzunte. This little stretch of beach is what many beach lovers dream of, not a luxury resort in sight, just one of the most pleasant beaches on the entire Pacific coast. This approximately one and a half mile stretch of beach is usually safe for swimming, and the snorkeling can be incredible, when there are no big waves. Pangas can be rented from the beach for fishing or snorkeling expeditions. Sunsets here are usually no less than awesome and provide visitors and locals with a fitting finish to what was, most likely; "Another beautiful day in paradise".

Manzunte still has a small, but active, fishing fleet that provides fresh fish to the local residents and the few small restaurants that line the beach. It is possible to get a truly memorable meal, try the catch of the day, at most of these small eateries.

Playa Mazunte
Playa Mazunte
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