Queretaro is a beautiful colonial city that played a large and important role in Mexican history and a city that is alive with art, music and cultural activities. Located about two and a half hours north of Mexico City by car, this interesting city is one of those magical places that is sure to capture your heart. One of the first things you are likely to notice upon entering Queretaro is how clean this city is, a fitting tribute to this beautiful city. The main square (Plaza Principal) and the surrounding area offer visitors a pleasant glimpse into Mexico's past as well as an incredible shopping and dining experience. The state band performs here on Sunday evenings, around 6:30, sometimes with dancers. The historic center of Queretaro is fairly small and is a pleasant place for casual strolling on the pedestrian only streets that link several of the city's plazas.

Another plaza, Plaza de Armas, is the center of social activity in Queretaro and gets very active in the evenings. This plaza is a great place to gather and decide where you want to eat or have a drink or to just procrastinate on any subject that comes to mind. In more direct words; Plaza de Armas is one of the most charming plazas in Mexico and no excuses are needed to be "just hanging out" in such a pleasant setting.

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