Torreon, located in the southeast corner of the state Coahuila, is a modern city of parks, plazas and museums. Torreon is a prosperous city that was founded in 1887, originally as a railroad center. The area produces great amounts of cotton, wheat, dairy products, grapes and also serves as a distribution center for nearby mining operations. This well planned city promotes a very encouraging business atmosphere which keeps attracting new businesses. The attractive residential neighborhoods help give this city a good reputation and because of this the city will continue to grow and prosper. The city has recently built a very modern convention center which also helps to highlight the quality of life in Torreon.

One of the main attractions for residents is a 30 square block city park, Bosque Venustiano Carranza, which is actually a forest within the city. The park contains many family attractions and on Sunday nights the park springs to life with a dance party for locals and visitors alike. Here in the shady park crowds of locals gather to dance to salsa, tango and even a bit of polka music. Everyone is welcome and all age groups are usually in attendance. The park also contains a museum that merits a visit. Museo Regional de la Laguna contains some excellent examples of highly prized indigenous ceramics and a sizable collection of pre-historic art and artifacts. High quality bullfights are also presented on locally on a semi-regular basis.

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